21 Power Tools of Reiki (A guide to maximise the power of Reiki)


Abhishek Thakore


Usha Thakore


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Publication Year 2020


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Reiki the leading New Age therapy, although extremely popular, is generally taught at the very basic level. It can, however, do much more than simply heal diseases. If channeled properly, Reiki can be used for very specific purposes with astonishing results. Through the 21 power tools, this book teaches you just how, in a step-by-step manner.

  • Tools for every occasion 

  • How to use Reiki for specific purposes 

  • The benefits of awareness and detachment 

  • Relaxation and distress through specific forms of meditation and the power of affirmations and the Reiki Prayer 

  • Manitain health and vitality through Tibetan exercises 

  • The benefits of salt water bath and aura cleansing...

And much more!

Abhishek Thakore

Abhishek Thakore is involved with the New Age evolution as a writer, speaker, trainer and seeker. He writes for Education Times, JAM and Life Positive and is the founder of the Blue Ribbon Movement, “a youth revolution”, and the CEO of the Thakore Centre for Well-being. He has learnt Art of Living, Transcendental Meditation, Reiki, Karna Reiki, Mer-ka-ba Meditation, Vipassana, NLP and other New Age therapies. He is the author of the bestseller The Portrait of a Super Student.

Usha Thakore

Usha Thakore is a Reiki Grandmaster from the Usui School. She also teaches Karuna Reiki and Mer-ka-ba Meditation and is a practitioner of NLP, Silva Method, Pranic Healing, Feng Shui, pendulum dowsing, Art of Living and Vipassana. She conducts workshops on healthy eating, effective parenting and effectiveness for housewives too.
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