251 Study Secrets


B. K. Narayan


Preeti Narayan


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V & S Publisher

Publication Year 2018


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The book provides you with 251 easy methods and tricks to achieve success in studies – without stress and tension. This unique ‘quick help’ book for students deals with all the topics that are important for your study success in studies. Some of those topics are:

  • Confidence

  • Motivation

  • Choosing Career

  • Fixing Goal in Mind

  • Increasing Brainpower

  • Program to Succeed

  • Concentration Managing Time

  • Becoming Healthy

  • Learning More in Class

This book is written in short, concise form so that you can read fast, learn quickly, and use instantly!

B. K. Narayan

B.K. Narayan has been conducting Mind Training Programs for student, parents, and business executives since 1993. He has been studying and conducting research in the field of Mind Training since 1968, while serving as a civil engineer. His “Eleven Steps for Great Success in Examination,” one of his workshop topics, has been greatly appreciated by teachers, parents, and students. In 1997 Narayan designed Simplified Mind Programming, a Home Study Course for complete Self-development for students. A revised and enlarged edition of this life-changing course is now available as Success Mindware.

Preeti Narayan

Preeti Narayan, daughter of B.K. Narayan, is a vivid user of Mind Programs. She has used mind programs to transform herself from an average student to top achieve, Preeti cleared her Maters in Science, in second merit at university level. Then she became one to the very few candidates from her University to clear the National entrance Test (NET) in Life Sciences. Her success with mind programming inspired her to help others to use this power. This book includes methods and ideas which helped Preeti achieve brilliant academic success, with ease.