5th Activity Book - Logic Reasoning


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Publication Year 2020


ISBN-10 818451655X

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Edition FIRST
Number of Pages 64 Pages
Language (English)
Dimensions (Cms) 28x21x0.5
Weight (grms) 178

5th activity Book - Logic Reasoning (Kid's Activity Books) is a book, which is meant to make learning fun and enjoyable for children. This book caters to the needs of children who are seven years and above. 5th Activity Book - Logic Reasoning (Kid's Activity Books) encourages the child to discover things for themselves and make learning a new experience. This book has been published by Dreamland Publishers in 2012 and is available in paperback. The book has scope for the child's creative bent of mind. Most of the assignments make use of color. The book includes worksheets which ask the child to identify the animal who has hidden himself. Further, the child is encouraged to recognize the kind of sounds it makes and what its young ones are called. The book incorporates assignments where the child is given pictures of a group of animals and must use his general knowledge, he needs to find the animals which are not wild and can be domesticated. to add on to the excitement the child is allowed to play with colors on the domestic animals. All the assignments in this book are based on interactive activity. The illustrations are vibrant and the language is simple, to keep the book attractive and easy to understand.

Dreamland Publications

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