8 ways to peace: Clarity, Relief & Comfort


Ram Shanker Tiwari


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If there are areas in your life that are rife with stress, un-fulfillment and disharmony (whether it be in your relationship, health, career or finances), they are just “mirrors” indicating the presence of conflicted thoughts within you. It may not be pleasant to bring the light of awareness to the conflicts present in oneself. It feels much easier to just distract oneself from having to face it, and hope that it gets diffused on its own. But the more you try to run away from facing the conflicts in you, the more you will be at the mercy of a “fluctuating” mind-set. If you want to have a harmonious mind, with a stability in your “being”, it's imperative to dissolve conflicted thoughts within you. Nothing can really change unless a conscious “awareness” is brought to the fore. The author Dr. Ram Shankar Tiwari brings to the forefront the importance of conscious awareness for an individual through eight chapters namely, tsunami of mind, dimensions of unhappiness, structure of karma, meditation – The gateway to freedom, pathways to enlightenment, infinite energy to the cosmos, ascent of spiritual evolution, towards Nirvana to bring clarity, relief and comfort for fulfilling peace of mind so that mind is not distracted from outside influences.

Ram Shanker Tiwari

Born in 1936, Dr. Ram Shanker Tiwari, MSc. Ph.D., former Director of the Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany, Lucknow and Emeritus Scientist, CSIR, New Delhi is a highly reputed scientist in the field of Earth-and-plant Sciences.
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