Dr. Abhay Kumar Shrivastava



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The world is largely unaware of, and therefore largely unprepared for bioterrorist attacks. Bio-weapons threaten thousands of casualties in addition to other disastrous long-term consequences. Bioterrorism is the use of a biological weapon against civilian populations for the purpose of undermining morale and creating chaos. Bioterrorism is inherently limited as a warfare tactic because of the uncontrollable nature of the agent involved. A biological weapon is useful to a terrorist group mainly as method of creating mass panic and disruption to a society.  An effective biological weapon is potentially devastating and much easier to make and transport than a nuclear weapon. In many countries, criminal justice systems are constrained by inadequate legal frameworks governing the detection and repression of bio-weapons. Frequently, no law is violated until the disease or biological agent is actually deployed. There is therefore an urgent need to ensure that countries are adequately prepared for,  protected from, and able to respond to Bioterrorism attacks. Law enforcement agencies have a crucial role to play, with significant support from, and in collaboration with a range of other national and international bodies.

Dr. Abhay Kumar Shrivastava

Dr. Abhay Kumar Shrivastava is presently Associate Professor and Head, Faculty of Disaster Management, Haryana Institute of Public Administration, Gurgaon , Haryana. He was trained in the field of Disaster Management from Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) Okinawa, Japan. He was the Member of subcommittee of Model State Disaster Management Act of High Power Committee for National Disaster Management Plan of India. He has written several research peppers in field of Disaster Management and social problems etc. in reputed journals. He has worked as Project Disaster of several prestigious research projects conducted at Haryana Institute of Public Administration, Gurgaon, Haryana. He is a regular guest Faculty of IIPA, NIHFW, Institute of Fire Management, Airport Authority of India, New Delhi, Punjab Institute of Health and Family welfare, Govt. of Punjab. He has been the life member of Indian Social Science Association and is the author of “International Encyclopedia of World Nations and nationalities “in 10 Vols.