Bowel Care & Digestive Disorders


Dr. A.K. Sethi


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Most people are shy about discussing bowel care & digestive disorders, but few realize how important it is. The truth is that it needs utmost care and attention. The bowel has very few nervous leads- otherwise you would feel the Digestion and bowel movement all day long. So, if you feel you have a digestive problem of sorts, you better attend to it immediately. 

Most toxins enter our body through the digestive tract, along with our food and drinks. If we don't eat healthy, we and to accumulate toxic wastes resulting in increased bowel transit time, and the wastes, instead of getting eliminated, stay put inside our body, putrefy further, and become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and other parasites which in turn leads to more serious diseases and problems developing in the body. 

This book is an authoritative reference on bowel care & digestive disorders of various types. Written in a very convincing and captivating manner providing some anatomy lessons about the digestive tract, causes and symptoms of bowel disorders (constipation, diarrhoea, etc.), The book lists proper diagnosis and treatment. It has been designed as an ideal self-help guide to manage bowel disorders through yoga, meditation, Ayurvedic treatment and alternative treatment methods like magneto therapy, acupressure, colour therapy, vastu, aromatherapy and music therapy to manage bowel disorders.

Dr. A.K. Sethi

The author, Dr Arun Kumar Sethi, is a multi-faceted personality. He passed out as an outstanding Medical graduate from Stanley Medical College, Chennai in 1986. He worked as a Research Scientist at AIIMS, New Delhi, for about seven years. He has taught Physiology in Lady Hardinge and Maulana Azad Medical Colleges for several years. He has regularly contributed articles to many renowned medical journals. He is also an AIDS Counsellor and Reiki Master. His other books are – Bowel Care and Digestive Disorders, How to have Sound Sleep and Diabetes Control in your hands.
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