Cinera Utthana 1978-2008 : Kibhabe Paribartanera Katha Bhebechila = China Emerging 1978-2008 : How Thinking About Business Changed/Bengali


Wu Xiaobo


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Publication Year 2019


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Bengali translation of the English language edition of China Emerging 1978-2008 : How Thinking About Business Changed. The ascent of China’s economy over the past thirty years may be one of the more remarkable happenings in human history. Few understand it. Those outside China consider the massive changes a mystery. Those inside China have been challenged with taking more than 1.3 billion people from an agrarian existence into the modern world, and in the face of complex economics involving extreme conflicts of interest. Nobody ever did it before; nobody will ever do it again. Given the convulsive upheavals required, the difficulty of the task has been, and remains, hard to imagine. This book describes those upheavals and that process over the years from 1978 to 2008. It represents a remarkable achievement in condensing a welter of events and changes down to the bare essentials. In summing up a period of history, it also serves as a query about what is to come next. Where are the convulsive changes leading, not only for China, but for the world. Every stretch of history has its own internal logic. The reader of this book may be confronted with a more “real” China than he has known before. Under the surface ripples, diverging streams, uneven tumult, he may discern the middle of the channel, that greater internal logic at work. It represents the flow of a people, quite an ancient nation of people, coursing with all vigor, all courage, all hope, toward an uncertain future.

Wu Xiaobo

Wu Xiaobo was born in 1968. A graduate of the School of Journalism at Fudan University in Shanghai, he is both a journalist and a publisher in the fields of business, finance, and economics. He is publisher of the “Blue Lion” imprint of business titles. Formerly a visiting scholar at Harvard University, he currently works at the newspaper called the Oriental Morning Post. His publications include Great Failures, Great Failures II, Passing Through a Cornfield, Extremely Profitable, A larger Fate, and China’s Thirty Tumultuous Years, in two volumes. Among these, Great Failures was judged to be “One of the twenty most influential books in Chinese commerce.” Volume One of China’s Thirty Tumultuous Years was judged to be "The best business book in China in 2007."