If Walls Could Weep


Nandita Bose


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LiFi Publications Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2014


ISBN-10 9382536434

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Edition 1
Number of Pages 223 Pages
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Though tacit, in our society, marriage is the finale of a woman's life. If that marriage proves disastrous, she is written off, a forgettable statistic. Among such forgettable figures is Bula.

Abused by her husband and expected to put in strenuous housework by his mother, Bula finds solace in books and rare sympathy from this young man in their household, Nikhil, the son of her father-in-law's business partner.As their individual marriages crumble, they increasingly turn to each other for solace and companionship. To the world outside, it may seem horribly illicit. To them, it is the most sacred love story!

Nandita Bose

Nandita writes in the nostalgic romance genre, capturing the essence of love, life and relationships within the uniquely Indian context. What she hopes to advocate through fictional works is the wisdom to value and prioritise love above all. In her spare time Nandita writes poetry, reads and is prepping for an alternate career as a literary reviewer.
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