Food Processing Operations : Management, Machines, Materials & Methods Vol. 1


Maynard A. Joslyn




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Medtech Publishers

Publication Year 2018


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The principles and practices of food processing have been discussed in texts and reference books dealing with specific commodities and processes, but a concise, comprehensive summary of the machines, methods and materials used in processing operations has not hitherto been assembled for technologists, students, and nontechnical management.

Food Technology involves application of many sciences, including nutrition, biology, biochemistry, bacteriology and chemistry, as well as engineering, organization, finance, accounting and what might be called “Imagineering.”

Financing labor relations, cost accounting, scheduling, production, quality control, promotion, sales, warehousing, distribution and research require the skills of specialists; and all must be coordinated effectively for success.

The immediate success of an industrial operation depends upon efficient integration of all phases of skilled management. This involves practical application of scientific principles, in a properly located, designed, financed, engineered and superintended production operation, combined with effective marketing. The future success of a processing operation depends upon skillful planning, with a proper balance of vision, courage and discretion, and upon an effective research and development program.

Maynard A. Joslyn


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