How Computers Work


Ron White


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BPB Publications

Publication Year 2016


ISBN-10 8183335993


Number of Pages 364 Pages
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Having sold more than 2 million copies over its lifetime, it is the definitive illustrated guide to the world of PCs and technology. In this new edition, you’ll find detailed information not just about PCs, but about how changes in technology have evolved the giant, expensive computer dinosaurs of last century into the smaller but more powerful smartphones, tablets, and wearable computing of today. Whether your interest is in business, gaming, digital photography, entertainment, communications, or security, you’ll learn how computing is evolving the way you live. Only the accomplished and award-winning team of writer has the unique ability to meld descriptive text with one-of-a-kind visuals to fully explain how the electronic gear we depend on every day is made possible. In addition to all the content you’ve come to expect from prior editions, this newly revised edition includes all-new coverage of topics such as 

This full-color, fully illustrated guide to the world of technology assumes nothing and explains everything

  • How Computers Remember

  • How a Little Microprocessor Does Big Things

  • How Multi-Core Processors Work

  • How Motherboards / Software / Compiler Work

  • How Databases Track Everything & Make Connections

  • How Spread sheets (Excel) Solve Formulas

  • How Numbers Become Pictures

  • How Imaging Software Paints by Numbers

  • How Games Created and How Computer Creates 3D World

  • How Security Software Fights Off Invaders

  • How Computer Hackers Break In

  • How Viruses Invade Your Computer

  • How Antivirus Software Fights Back

  • How Firewalls Keep Hackers Out & How Spammers Find You

  • How USB Really Is Universal

  • How File Compression Makes Files Smaller

  • How Optical Disc Drives Write with Light

  • How Computers Get Smaller… and Better

  • How iPods serves Media

  • How eInk Puts Words on Your e-reader (KINDLE)

  • How All These Smart features Got Packed into a Smartphone

  • How Advanced Cooling Refrigerates Your PC

  • How Digital Cameras Capture the Moment

  • How Your Smartphone Knows Where You Are

  • How Devices Recognize Our Touch (TOUCH SCREEN)

  • How Optical Character Recognition Works

  • How an LCD/ Plasma/ DLP/ OLED works

  • How Your Device Listens

  • How 3D Audio Surrounds

  • How Networks Tie Computers Together

  • How Wi-Fi / Bluetooth works

  • How the Internet Brings Us the World

  • How Broadband / DSl/ Cables Brings the Internet to Your Neighbourhood

  • How Fibre Optics Lights Up the Future

  • How Computers Make Phone Calls

  • How Information Travels the Internet

  • How Movies Flow into Your Home

  • How Google Knows Everything

  • How eBay Sells Everything

  • How Email/ Facebook/ Twitter works

  • How Internet File Sharing Works

  • How Bit Torrents / Clouds Works

  • How Black and White / Colour Printing Works

  • How a Laser Printer Creates in Color

  • How Printers Create in 3D and lots more….

This is the perfect book about computing to capture your imagination, delight your eyes, and expand your mind, no matter what your technical level! Beautifully detailed illustrations and jargon-free explanations walk you through the technology that is shaping our lives. See the hidden workings inside computers, smartphones, tablets, Google Glass, and the latest tech inventions.

Ron White

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