Job Placement kit (With Eductional Folder)


Neelima Vinod


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V & S Publisher

Publication Year 2015


ISBN-10 9357940103

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With over 600, 000 fresh graduates competing with one another for the best career opportunities every year, breaking into the good paying job market is becoming acutely competitive. In such a nerve shaking situation how would you manage to get a job without experience? This exclusive career kit Folder containing vital accessories shows you the 'know-how'. It helps you become more presentable in resume writing and before the interview Board. One of the accessories Neelima Vinod's 'a complete guide to job placement' equips you with action-oriented tips and strategies ranging from the simple to the expert. Learn how to get the best tools for career preparation and job hunting. A step-by-step plan for landing your first job samples of resumes and cover letters that really work The latest information on the best career paths "inside" Information for making the most of career and job resources to getting from college campus to hard-nosed job, this book provides all essential information and guidance you need to put your foot in the door of the real world. The job career kit contains items that are found useful during job processing: a complete guide to job placement; concise dictionary of placements; executive job Folder; U clip, pencil, ball pens, 6-Inch ruler; one blank CD; space to keep copies of resume and Certificates; A4 sheets quick success guaranteed when you start your first job search with it!

Neelima Vinod

Neelima Vinod is based in Bangalore, India. She acquired her M.Phil in English literature and has worked as editor and teacher. She writes fiction and non-fiction and presently works in a media company.
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