Know The Upanishads


Ramanuj Prasad


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Publication Year 2017


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The book shows you just how to go about uncovering the layers of ignorance and illusion to realise your true nature - The self. This is the path to moksha or Nirvana (liberation), which every seeker wishes to tread upon in order to break the cycle of birth and death. With pearls of wisdom from the Upanishads, the Vedas and the Bhagavad Gita, this book could transform your way of life forever, teaching you the true meaning of existence.

Ramanuj Prasad

Born in 1936, Ramanuj Prasad has been associated with spiritual houses such as the Sri Ramakrishna Mission, Arsha Vidya Gurukula, Narayana Gurukulam and Yogoda Satang Society. Introspection and logical thinking led to the author producing many professional papers and case studies. An ardent believer in Vendanta, he has composed about a dozen poems on Vedantic themes.