Marriage without Marriage


S. K. Sood


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Publication Year 2015


ISBN-10 9382536159

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Has God made a woman strong enough to defend herself like her male counterpart? Can she realize her potentials to the optimum to defend herself when her own beauty becomes a curse to her?

This is the journey of a simple girl from the slums of Solan to the busy streets of New York. How she becomes Dorris from Durga. Her unimaginable transformation and courage, her pains and sacrifices to overcome the hurdles of a male dominated society. This is an unprecedented story of love, romance, passion and lust.

Would Durga be able to protect her honor from the hungry lustful hounds around her?

Is it true that no one can assault a woman if she is strong from inside and sturdy from outside?

S. K. Sood

Dr. S.K. Sood, retired Principal of Post Graduate Co-Educational College, Pathankot, India, has first-hand experience with frustrated youths and their problems both in the east and the west. For the last four decades, he has been teaching young boys and girls and listening to their love tangles, anguish and exultation, sorrows and thrills. His first novel Drink Not To Die But Live and Love is already quite popular in States and other Western Countries. In this novel, the writer has tried to present the experiences, the travails and tribulations of a young woman through her own point of view in the most original style. Dr. Sood is doctorate in literature and his pen penetrates into the characters hidden recesses easily with great finesse and swiftness.