Minimal Invasive Dentistry


Dr. Mini Jain


Medtech Publishers

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Medtech Publishers

Publication Year 2016


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Minimal Invasive Dentistry is the application of “a systematic respect for the original tissue". This implies that the dental profession recognizes that an artifact is of less biological value than the original healthy tissue. In the past few years there has been an exponential increase in scientific information in implant dentistry, and it is really important that what is learned from basic and clinical research should flow in a clear and direct way to the practicing professional. In the field of biomedicine there is an ever increasing demand for minimal invasive procedures in order to decrease the biological costs for patients.

Exploring key topics such as need for minimal intervention dentistry, the principles of minimal intervention dentistry, diagnosis of dental caries, minimal intervention preparation techniques and biomimetic materials, this completely up-to-date text integrates a thorough academic grounding for degree examination with an essential preparation for clinical practice for the whole oral healthcare team.

The focus of this book is to provide a reference for predictable and minimally invasive surgical techniques that can be progressively applied within a construct of advancing skills. A well-loved and imperative dentistry text, this is most suitable for use across dentistry and oral professional courses, from the undergraduate to graduate level.

Dr. Mini Jain

Dr. Mini Jain has completed her M.D.S in 2014 & received an academic excellence award for same. She has worked as Consultant Endodontist in many renowned dental clinics in Mumbai She has a Keen interest in academics and wish to familiarize all the budding dentists with recent advancements happening in the field of dentistry. She took an opportunity to compile all the available knowledge on this topic starting form very basic to complex things in a systematic way. This book explains all the new technological developments occurring in the field of conservative dentistry in a diagrammatic & easy to follow way. This book is highly recommended to both students and practitioners wishing to provide their patients with high quality state of the art Minimal Invasive Dentistry.