My Hidden God


Mohamed Al Marzooqi


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Publication Year 2019


ISBN-10 9386191881

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Number of Pages 177 Pages
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There are about 4 million Indians living in the UAE. They come from different regions and have contributed greatly to the development of the UAE, but we do not know much about them. There is a hidden barrier that prevents spontaneous mixing between the two nations, although they are very close in many areas. The book focuses on the lives of workers from India in simple professions and the difficulties they face in India, which drives them to search for a better life in a new place. The book tells the story of a runaway person named Tagore who escaped from India under the false name of ‘Muhammad Iqbal’ and impersonated the personality of a Muslim to make it easier for him to find work in the UAE.

Mohamed Al Marzooqi

A reader and writer from the UAE, Mohamed Al Marzooqi is attracted by human, intellectual and historical themes because according to him, they explain a lot of ambiguity about the human being and his behavior in different environments. Interest in plants, travel and the telecom sector enabled him to build extensive relationships with a lot of friends around the world. His first book was Emirati in Riyadh which got published in 2013.