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Rajendar Menen


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Publication Year 2013


ISBN-10 9350570602


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This book will help understand the methods used by naturopathy which was given a new definition in India by Dr. Jussawalla several decades ago. There are valuable tips on how to lead a healthy life. You can see why Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Morarji Desai, Meena Kumari and several other well-known personalities resorted to nature cure. The book may help you decide whether you need allopathy for immediate relief or if it is a better bet to change your lifestyle completely and remove the cause of the disease from the root. You will get to know the therapeutic uses of water, sunlight, air, massage, other Naturopathic methods, The right diet, the benefits of fasting, the virtues of vegetarianism, the importance of regular exercise, the value of sleep, the need for Fellowship and a mind at peace with itself, The effects of colours, herbs, Minerals, vitamins, even the zodiac, the harm from Genetically modified foods, and so on. You can also decide if you need to be vaccinated as the dangers of vaccination are being hotly discussed all over the world Now. This book will open a window to the latest research on health, nutrition and fitness sourced from the most authentic and – sometimes -- even irreverent health gurus who oppose mainstream beliefs with sound empirical knowledge.

Rajendar Menen

Rajendar Menen is an award-winning journalist who has written over 2000 articles in more than 30 journals in five countries. He has also launched and edited magazines, co-authored three books on AIDS and prostitution in south Asia and freelanced for the BBC, UNFPA, Irish Education Society, France 2 and a number of other international media organisations.
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