Nonviolence Theory And Practice


Robert L. Holmes


Barry L. Gan


Medtech Publishers

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Medtech Publishers

Publication Year 2015


ISBN-10 9384007315

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Number of Pages 407 Pages
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This highly regarded anthology offers a broad array of writings from the leading theorists and practitioners of nonviolence. The diverse selections promote critical thinking about the nature and efficacy of both violence and nonviolence and enable readers to discover the many ways in which nonviolence can be employed to achieve meaningful objectives.

The Third Edition of Nonviolence in Theory and Practice incorporates changes intended to clarify and refine: a new article on nonviolence and Islam that better illustrates that relationship; a selection by Thomas Merton that further demonstrates the role of nonviolence in Christianity; a new selection by Gandhi that better explicates his concept of satyagraha; a groundbreaking article that quantifies the efficacy of nonviolence; Gene Sharp’s list of 198 nonviolent tactics, and more. Whether readers embrace nonviolence or ultimately dismiss it as naïve, they cannot fully consider its many dimensions without the understandings provided in these thought-provoking readings. 

Robert L. Holmes

Barry L. Gan

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