Not Just Another Story


Subhash Chandra


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Publication Year 2017


ISBN-10 9382536302

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Tangled relationships, life’s contradictions, social injustices, psychic complexities, and subliminal drives are the subjects of the stories. The protagonists grapple with the oppressive forces to evolve a paradigm for living, ending up defeated or scarred, at times. The young man’s rage against his adulterous father, the Adivasi child, Bhera’s revenge on the Zamindar for his mother’s rape and death, Banno’s suicide to save her lover from AIDS, and the struggles of the other protagonists generate empathy and pathos and show that poetic justice is a myth or at best a mere chance.

Subhash Chandra

Dr. Subhash Chandra taught English Literature at S.B.S. College (Delhi University). His stories explore the lives of the marginalized, the ironies of life, and the existential angst of the oppressed. Some of his stories have been published in CONFLUENCE (London), South Asian Ensemble (Toronto), MUSE India, Reading Hour, among others and a story was adjudged the winning entry in a contest.