Nuggets Of Nostalgia: Larning Management Throught a Romantic Yet Educative Story


Indranil Ghosh


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V & S Publisher

Publication Year 2012


ISBN-10 9381588295

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A budding film director and a wannabe film producer are in need of a movie script that can upsurge the box Office. The would -be director approaches a novice but promising writer who writes a romantic story for the film. The story portrays childhood love and lost friendship. It is a touching story of a group of four childhood friends and girlfriends who are separated due to various reasons. Years later the protagonist attempts to track down his companions and this forms the background of the story. The protagonist who is a now renowned doctor easily forgets his early love for the sake of his career. But finally he understands that the real meaning of success lies in contentment. 

Indranil Ghosh

Indranil Ghosh is an author of different kind. He believes that creativity is not a matter of mind but seeing the society through heart. He writes through his heart and so his articles are always touchy. Every time a reader reads them, he/she unearths the society with a different paradigm. He has authored a number of motivating, managerial and other articles and two ‘Self Improvement’ books – 10 Feel Good Factors and electrical engineer with PG diploma in Management and has a rich experience of 30 years in the field of engineering & Management and has a rich experience of 30 years in the field of engineering & Management. He is also a Quality auditor and Business Excellence assessor.