Official Notings & Draftings (टिप्पणीयां एवं प्रारूप-लेखन)


Dr. Shivnarayan Chaturvedi


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Publication Year 2017


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Ever since Hindi gained the status of the official language, the moral responsibility of making the language acceptable in perfect administrative form has gradually increased. For the growth, development and expansion of Hindi, Official Notings and Drafting is a positive endeavour. 

For official purposes, government officials and employees are deeply enamored of English in official transactions and failed to accept HND seriously. It is because of a lack of confidence to use proper words or sentences in Hindi. 

This book would enlighten the readers about the fact that each official English expression has an Hindi equivalent to it. It would be a genuine effort to promote the status of Hindi as the official language of the country.

Official Notings and Draftings is meant for those (particularly for English Speaking individuals) who are in government offices, industrial houses, corporate business, private establishments, Banks, Railways or LIC, etc.

Being an administrator, or a Section officer/Supervisor, or a Clerk or an Assistant one must keep in mind that the skill in official procedure especially in noting, drafting or in communication is an art-that one must master.

And this book gives the reader an insight into those valuable techniques to structure the official language.

Dr. Shivnarayan Chaturvedi

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