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Moinak Dutta


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LiFi Publications Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2014


ISBN-10 9382536256

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Edition First
Number of Pages 423 Pages
Language (English)
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Online @ Offline is all about life. Life with its manifold varieties, its magnificence, its superciliousness, its morbidity and also its flowering glory and triumphant joy.

The story revolving around three adult people and a little girl presents the dualism of life - Online and the other Offline. If online world refers to the virtual world and the world of mind, the offline world is the real one with its share of ups and downs. These two worlds keep on interplaying all through our lives and we just become some characters of our own.

It is an engrossing story of pining, helplessness, belonging, self discovery and more importantly about love, giving much credence to the little things that add up to every moment we live as we realize: Life can never be a tragedy because that would turn everything meaningless, it could never be a comedy even, for that would make life utterly ridiculous. Life, is only a journey which is true - both online and offline, in dreams and non dreams.

Moinak Dutta

A teacher of English by profession, Moinak Dutta has indulged his passion in creative writing with successful results. His first published poem was ‘The Epitaph’ that was featured in The Statesman, Kolkata in 1999. Since then, many of his poems have been published in national and international anthologies. A few short stories have also been part of some collections and magazines. Pestilence was published in 2009 by a Goa based company. His non-fictional achievements include a review of The Upanisads translated by V. J. Roebuck.