Panchatantra - Volume 1 (A Collection of Animal Fables from India)


Tanvir Khan


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Panchatantra is perhaps the oldest collection of Indian fables still gaining strength and moving ahead. It is believed to have written around 200BC by the great Hindu Scholar Pandit Vishnu Sharma. Panchatantra means "the five principles”. It is a "Nitishastra" which means book of wise conduct in life. Panchatantra consists of five books: 1. Mitra Bhedha (The loss of friends); 2. Mitra Laabha (Gaining friends); 3. Kakolukiyam (Crows and owls); 4. Labdhap-ranasam (Loss of gains); and 5. Aparikshitakarakam (Ill-considered actions). The simple stories of Panchatantra have stood the test of time in the modern age of materialism, stressful living and individualism, and aim to guide the young readers on how to attain success in life by understanding human nature.

Key Features:

  • Written in simple and lucid language

  • Each story is supplemented by a moral

  • Word meaning for vocabulary building

  • Practice exercise given for better understanding

Panchatantra is commonly available in an abridged form for children. It is an ideal book worth going through many times over. Honestly speaking, it is of far more practical importance for elders to read this book since it is they who always come in contact with people having good, doubtful or bad intensions and motives.

A must read for students of all age groups.

Tanvir Khan

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