Pest Control in Gardening Plants


B.S. Aggarwal


Medtech Publishers

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Medtech Publishers

Publication Year 2016


ISBN-10 9384007897

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Many people are concerned about the use of chemicals to control various pests, especially where children or pets are concerned, and are turning to natural solutions to solve this age old problem.

The truth is apart from the possible long term health problems, modern factory farming and chemical pesticides are actually less effective in the long term to organic gardening. With pest control in the home and garden, nature provides all the solutions if you know where to look. This book will teach you everything you need to know to not only protect you home and garden from pests but to also protect home, garden and food from pesticides.

The solution calls not for involved texts heavily fortified with scientific data, but for simple, direct treatment of the homely everyday problems of the amateur. The language should be that of the layman, for it is the layman, who can give at most only one or two daylight hours to the garden, with whom we are concerned. He is encompassed by new and strange experiences and by problems


Which he cannot tell to come back next week. It is a condition and not a theory that confront s him, There is something very direct and tangible and threatening about a Mexican Bean Beetle or a case of Brown Rot. The gardener must know  what to do, and at once.


B.S. Aggarwal