Spice In Science: The Best of Science Funnies


K. Krishna Murty


V & S Publisher

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V & S Publisher

Publication Year 2011


ISBN-10 9381384851


Edition First
Number of Pages 141 Pages
Language (English)
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Spice in science is an unusual book replete with interesting incidents, funny situations, memorable events and little known facts from the lives of scientists, researchers, inventors and mathematicians. Herein you will find no pungent formulae or esoteric ideas, simply a colourful embroidery of humorous stories and amusing anecdotes laced with unforgettable incidents from the fascinating lives of these great geniuses. This book does not contain the serious Science from cloistered laboratories. Instead, it transmits the crackles of laughter that cracked up these labs – sometimes in wonder, sometimes in mirth and sometimes in mysticism. From CV Raman to Srinivas Ramanujan, Isaac Newton to Albert Einstein, Michael Faraday to Thomas Edison and Marie Curie to Guglielmo Marconi, spice in science has funnies and anecdotes on one and all. So, whether you are interested in science or only dig pure fun, spice in science is just the right book for you.

K. Krishna Murty

A medical Engineer by profession, the author has a few short stories to his credit in Telgu. A passionate hobbyist in electronics for over 30 years, many of his projects and articles on electronics for over 30 years, many of his projects and articles on electronics have been published in Electronics for you. Selections from a large collection of his science anecdotes were published in The Indian Express in their weekly science magazine in the column wonderful Bites.