Tibbati Navavarsh Parv (Hindi)


Li Song


Bhumika Creations

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Bhumika Creations

Publication Year 2016


ISBN-10 8192889920


Edition FIRST
Number of Pages 130 Pages
Language (Hindi)
Dimensions (Cms) 22 x 14.4 x 1.3
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Tibetan culture and tradition has remained hidden from the world for long. However, of late revival of interest in old civilizations has given rise to many informative books. The present book entitled “Tibbati Navavarsh Parva” is a valuable work on Tibetan New Year. Over a thousand year, the Tibetan civilization has evolved rich traditions of New Year celebrations. These are religious, ecologically sound and spiritually significant. Besides, they are full of verve and life. The book graphically describes the various modes of celebrations, food preparations, songs and dances and the Royal patronage these celebrations enjoy. Translated into Hindi, the book reaches out to Hindi speaking readers also. It is valuable for those who wish to know about this land of snow, mystery and rich heritage.

Li Song

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