Understanding Relations - The Vedic Astrology Way


Alka Vijh


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V & S Publisher

Publication Year 2015


ISBN-10 938138407X

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Number of Pages 135 Pages
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This book is about understanding equations of relationships with the help of Vedic astrology. One cannot ignore the importance of relationships in life and always desires to be loved and respected by others. The book gives an approach for making relationships better if one understands the potential of planets in the birth chart. By understanding the weak and strong points in the chart one can mound him accordingly and move in the right direction to get the desired result and improve his relationships and living.  Each Chapter is supported with suitable examples. All cases taken are genuine and supported by real incidents. The book is a result of some authentic research done by the author over the years. 


Alka Vijh

Alka Vijh is an established astrologer and spiritual guide. She shows the right and virtuous path to people and connects the role of karma and rebirth in the sufferings of life through astrology and religious guidance. Various articles of hers are regularly published in different magazines. Trained by great gurus to make yantras and energize them and effective approach in healing , astrology by yantras, mantras, gems, reiki and vastu: she has done researches on various aspects of astrology and was also invited to present paper on connecting Science and Spirituality.