Vitaan Hindi Pathmala - 1 (Hindi)


Sanyukta Ludhra


Madhubun Educational Books


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Madhubun Educational Books

Publication Year 2017


ISBN-10 9352714172


Number of Pages 116 Pages
Language (Hindi)
Dimensions (Cms) 23 X 17.5 X 1.8
Weight (grms) 262

1. Hindi textbooks available for classes pre-primary, 1 to 8. 2. Text-cum-workbook as per CBSE curriculum. 3. This series has thematic units which promotes rational and scientific approach. 4. Develops communicative skills, higher Order Thinking Skills and study skills by means of short and Long Answer Questions 5. Additional study material to develop interest in the subject like double spreads, picture stories, cartoon stories, reading for pleasure etc. 6. Stories from well-known Indian as well as foreign language authors. 7. Teacher's support book has Chapter summary, tips for teachers and answers of the questions given in exercise section. 8. Digital support has e-book, Chapter animation, voice-over, interactive activities and additional worksheets on web support.

Sanyukta Ludhra

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