Water Resources


Prof. M.k. Ghosh Roy


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It is difficult to perceive of life without water. Hence the availability of water, in right quantity and quality, is essential for the survival of human civilization. Oceans represent ninety seven percent of total water on earth, but the seawater is not directly usable. The balance three percent consists of freshwater, but again most of it is frozen ice in the arctic poles or in the glaciers on the mountain. Only three percent of total freshwater that flows in the rivers, lakes, and swamps are available to human use. Water being so vital for life to grow food, to run industries and to save the environment, the sustainability of water resources must be reviewed and strategised with a global overview. Thus, the concern for water is now very widely shared among all nations of the world in the impending scenario of global warming. Hence, the readership should likely be distributed among the environmental activists to the national and international policy makers, including all enlightened citizenry of the world. Universities, research institutions and socially-inspired NGOs and students at graduate and undergaduate levels will find much food for thoughts in this strategic review of global water resources.

Prof. M.k. Ghosh Roy

Prof. M.K. Ghosh Roy obtained a B. Tech. (Hons) in Naval Architecture from IIT, Kharagpur and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the Bombay University. He served in senior position in ship building industry till he was invited to become a Senior Professor at IIT Madras on his contribution of considerable research work, in India and abroad. The call of social responsibility weighed heavily on him and he eventually switched over to Environmental and other social Sciences in the last two decades. He is the author of several books, Sustainable Development Environment, Energy and Water Resources; Green World Green Energy- A Search for a New Way of Living; Renewable Energy; Water Resources- Strategic Overview for Global Sustainability; Global Warming and Climate Change. Till recently he was the President of NGO Millennium Institute of Energy and Environment Management, an NGO in Kolkata; he also acted as the Chief Editor of Journal Green Earth of the same NGO.
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