A New Approach to Avoid Common Errors in English Language





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Language, like any other Organisms, evolves and develops steadily and is, therefore, something dynamic and not static. To understand and language It is, therefore, essential to understand its grammar and syntactic formation. Every language follows its own grammatical structure. Grammar prescribes certain rules and norms about the arrangement of words in such a way as to give a proper shape and sense to a sentence. This arrangement in grammatical parlance is called syntax. This involves-understanding of Sentence structure, parts of Speech that deal with the way words function in a sentence, the verb-subject relationship, sequence of Tenses, using and avoiding definite and Indefinite articles, modal auxiliaties etc. This also includes proper usage of br>Homophones (words with similar sound) and finally the handling of confusing terms. Generally it is these areas that students commit errors. In this treatise, we have tried to draw attention of readers, to the kind of errors, which they commit, either unconsicously or because of lack of adequate knowledge of various aspects to grammar. Rules have been explained, adequate examples given to help them understand the basic concepts and write the language correctly and effectively. A careful study of the entire book should prove helpful in writing and speaking the language in a flawless manner and also to score high marks in the academic and competitive examinations.


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