An Endless Refuge


Neela Senthil


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Publication Year 2016


ISBN-10 9382536515

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Sri Lankans seeking refuge to other parts of the world in search of a better life ... Are they really getting that better life or just end up as asylum seekers in a detention centre. Does their ordeal in boats pay off ? or would they always be treated as a second class citizen ? Sudhakar's family came to India as refugees from Sri Lanka when he was a child. Now he is very keen and determined to do Ph.D on 'Sri Lankan crisis'. But he is turned down by every professor and prospective guide he approaches. Would be be able to achieve his dream degree on an adopted land ?

Neela Senthil

Neela Senthil (Dr. M. Neelamalar) teaches media sciences at Anna University, Chennai. She has written a number of books and research articles. She has presented various papers in national/international conferences/seminars and has travelled widely and visited the countries such as the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Mauritius for this purpose. Her published books include, Media Law and Ethics, Kargil Revisited: Images and perceptions of the Kargil War after Ten years, Print Media Coverage of the 26/11 Mumbai Terror Coverage and Nationalism and National Integration in Tamil Films. An Endless Refuge is her first published work of fiction. She hopes to follow it up with many more of the same genre. She lives in Chennai with husband Dr. V. S. Senthil Kumar and her two children.