Applied Environmental Science


Prof. M.k. Ghosh Roy


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Publication Year 2020


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Global warming and climate change have made us seriously concerned about the global environment. However, environment science has really wider ramifications; environment is all about the earth s surrounding spaces which include the land, desert, forest, mountain, oceans, air and atmosphere; its inhabitants - the humans, animals, the birds and innumerable microorganism. We need the science to explain the environmental phenomena the inter-relationship between human and non-human animals and humans and the inanimate environments and such other interrelations between any two members of the environment. Thus we need the Environmental Scientist to fully comprehend the environmental issues and interactions; often we have to apply engineering and technological knowledge and skill to deal and resolve such environment problems to the extent possible. The total of these studies have been termed as the Applied Environment Science in this treatise. The book s treatment is quite comprehensive consisting of six parts. The first part of Basic Sciences gives good introduction to physical sciences, environmental chemistry, biology, biotechnology and geology, which will help students and researchers. The other five parts cover ecology, pollution & control, climate change, natural resources (water & renewable energy) and finally environmental management, law and ethics. The book covers the courses for National B.Sc. and M.Sc. programmes of Indian universities in environmental science and applications. Even the advanced students at the Higher Secondary level will find it useful as a reference book. The book with its comprehensiveness will engage the attention of scholars and teachers alike and no less the social activists and professional consultants. The teachers, researchers and the general readers will also find the book of interesting reading.

Prof. M.k. Ghosh Roy

Prof. M.K. Ghosh Roy obtained a B. Tech. (Hons) in Naval Architecture from IIT, Kharagpur and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the Bombay University. He served in senior position in ship building industry till he was invited to become a Senior Professor at IIT Madras on his contribution of considerable research work, in India and abroad. The call of social responsibility weighed heavily on him and he eventually switched over to Environmental and other social Sciences in the last two decades. He is the author of several books, Sustainable Development Environment, Energy and Water Resources; Green World Green Energy- A Search for a New Way of Living; Renewable Energy; Water Resources- Strategic Overview for Global Sustainability; Global Warming and Climate Change. Till recently he was the President of NGO Millennium Institute of Energy and Environment Management, an NGO in Kolkata; he also acted as the Chief Editor of Journal Green Earth of the same NGO.
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