Bakery Technology and Engineering


Samuel A. Matz


Medtech Publishers

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Medtech Publishers

Publication Year 2019


ISBN-10 9388716388


Edition First
Number of Pages 667 Pages
Language (English)
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This book is a collaborative efforts of more than twenty different authors. Authors were selected from

among those scientists and engineers who have a close and continuing acquaintance with modern

commercial practices in their specialized areas. There are a number of good texts on bakery technology

which either deal principally with small bake-shop practices or concentrate on fundamental scientific

principles to the exclusion of the engineering aspects of the subject. This book begins with a discussion

of the materials of baking, as the properties of ingredients are inextricably linked with the processing

responses of dough’s and batters and with the quality of the finished products. It discusses formulae and

procedures, equipment and organizing, and managing technical functions. New ingredients, such as fat

and sugar substitutes, are included along with the equipment for new technologies, and quality

control/quality assessment. This book containing the above information can also be used as a technical

guide and reference book to personnel engaged in bakeries. The book aims to provide comprehensive

information on different types of bakery products. The book is aimed for food technologist, scientists,

research scholars, as well as for new entrepreneurs and those who are engaged in this industry.

Samuel A. Matz