CHILDREN'S ENCYCLOPEDIA (The World of Knowledge)


Manasvi Vohra


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V & S Publisher

Publication Year 2020


ISBN-10 9350570408


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The present book, General Knowledge is one among the five books of the series, children’s Encyclopedia—The World of Knowledge.

The book has been broadly divided into two parts-Part-I: Science which includes a number of fascinating and interesting chapters like The Atmosphere, The Change of Seasons, Why do Plants and Trees become Extinct, The Vision of Owls, the Colour of Fireworks, Formation of a Rainbow, What is Milk Made up of, etc.

The second part (part-II) focuses mainly on the amazing and interesting facts of the world, such as: The Stone Age, How was the International Date Line (IDL) formed, The Story behind the Name, ‘America’, How was the United Kingdom formed, What is Red Cross, The Story behind Mona Lisa, and so on…

The highlights of the book are:

  • Colourful and labeled illustrations

  • A set of interesting and exclusive Quick Facts

  • Exercises at the end of all the chapters

  • A Glossary of difficult words, containing their meanings, explanations, etc.

So dear readers, pick up the book as fast as you can, for it’s a treasure trove of knowledge and information, and if you happen to be a school student, you can even use it as a reference book or guide.

Happy Reading and Learning!

Manasvi Vohra

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