Chin Bharat Sanskritik Adan Pradan- Hindi


Wang Shuying


Bhumika Creations

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Bhumika Creations

Publication Year 2019


ISBN-10 819288998X

Hard Cover

Edition FIRST
Number of Pages 152 Pages
Language (Hindi)
Dimensions (Cms) 22 x 14 x 1.3
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There have been cultural exchanges between China and India for more than 2000 years. On the basis of his research in this area, the author of this book has proved the existence of relationship between the two countries for centuries and the similarities between their cultures, along with the relevant comparative studies.

This book written in Hindi will help in understanding the cultural exchanges and increasing the friendship between the two important countries on the globe.

Wang Shuying

Wang Shuying was born in 1938 in China and studied Hindi language in Peking University. He has authored several books in Hindi language on the cultural studies of China and India.