Sukumar Maiti


Niranjan Karak



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Publication Year 2008


ISBN-10 8175331046

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Number of Pages 610 Pages
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"Dendrimers and Hyperbranched Polymers-Synthesis to Applications" is a book on highly branched macromolecules, an advance high performance class of polymeric materials. The book covers the basic understanding, the synthesis, characterization, unique properties and potential applications of more perfect architectural dendrimers as well as the less perfect hyperbranched polymers. It discussed the detail coverage of almost all known subclasses of dendritic polymers. Chapter one deals with the basic concepts of dendrimers, dendrons and hyperbranched polymers, their structural characteristics, challenges for their synthesis by different synthetic routes, general techniques for their characterization and unique properties with respect to the other classes of macromolecules along with the potential for their novel applications. Chapter two to ten described the comprehensive reviews of different subclasses of dendritic polymers such as hydrocarbons, amides based macromolecules and others with respect to their synthesis, characterization, properties and valuable applications.

Sukumar Maiti

SuKumar Maiti was a professor of Polymer Material, Materials Science Centre, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. He had also worked as the Chief, R& D, Deepak Nitrite Ltd. Technologist Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd. Baroda; NSF Post- Doctoral Fellow state University of New York. And Polymer Research Scientist. Gaylord Research Institute, Newark, USA. Professor Maiti was a visiting Scientist for several Universities, R& D organization and institute in different countries. He received the Ramani Mohan Gold, A,C Sen Gold Medal, University Gold Medal and Jubilee Scholarship- all from Calcutta University, UDCT- Golden Jubilee Gold Medal , Mumbai University. He has been a member of a number of professional societies and advisory Board of Scientific Journals and organizations. He is the Founding editor, Journal of Polymer Materials and the author/ co-author of 5 books, about 300 research and technical papers, and I each of U.S, European and International patents. He directed a number of research programs both for industry and academy, and guided 33 PhD students.

Niranjan Karak

Niranjan Karak, PhD (IIT Kharagpr),is a reader of Polymer Science and technology, Chemical Sciences department, Tezpur University. He was also a post doctoral fellow of Korean advanced institute of science and technology and visiting profesor of Prof. J.W. Cho s laboratory department of textile engineering, konkuk university South Korea. he had also served as a technical person in a polymer industry for on eyear. He had published about thirty six research papers and review articles in reputed national and international journals. and presented several technical papers invited talk based on his research groups findings in India and abroad. His fields of research interests are mainly based on high performance advance polymer synthesis, characterization, properties evaluation and applications.