Essential English Grammar with Answers


Raymond Murphy


Cambridge University Press

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Cambridge University Press

Publication Year 2000


ISBN-10 8175960299


Number of Pages 300 Pages
Language (English)
Weight (grms) 320

To enable students to grasp the wide scope of English language and its grammar, Raymond Murphy has written the book 'Essential English Grammar with Answers’. This book deals extensively with English grammar and offers enough study material to master the language. The book is prepared for learners who have just begun their journey in English language and therefore it uses lucid language which is easy to understand. There are detailed notes along with numerous examples that enhance student's experience of learning. Thus, this book is an ideal reference guide for students who are looking for a tool to help them in self-study for English language. It is published by Foundation Books, an imprint of Cambridge University Press India Pvt. Ltd.

This book has extensive information on English grammar and its usage and it comes with a total of 114 chapters. The clear and simple index at the beginning helps students in navigating through these chapters with ease. Focus is given on essential grammar topics like irregular verbs, spellings, short forms, tense and phrasal verbs. Along with the notes, the author shares various handy references that help students in connecting the learning with real life. At the end of each chapter, exercises are provided so that students can test their learning and get a reality check on their understanding of the topics. Plus, extra exercises are given for additional practice. Furthermore, this book has appendices so that students can get additional information on difficult words.

Raymond Murphy

Raymond Murphy is an expert on teaching English as a Foreign Language for over 17 years in the UK and Germany. He has since written English Grammar In Use, Essential Grammar In Use, Basic Grammar In Use and Grammar In Use, which has had over 100 million readers over the world. Having an Honorary M.A. from Cambridge University, he has been a writer for EFL material since 1988.
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