Fun/Fact/Mystery/Magic/ For Kids Value Pack


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Publication Year 2016


ISBN-10 9357941223

Paper Back

Edition First
Number of Pages 718 Pages
Language (English)
Dimensions (Cms) 21.7X14X4.7
Weight (grms) 912

Who couldn't like to crack harmless fun, entertain audience with magic, accept challenging quiz, discover unsolved mysteries, observe unidentified flying objects or read about unusual facts? These are reading materials contained in separate books are interesting in their own right. Each book presents readers with some of the mind boggling, challenging yet entertaining anecdotes and Incidents that will bind them till the end of the book. This set of 5 hugely popular books has been bound together in a convenient pack and offered to readers at an attractive discount. The names of the books and their prices are displayed in brackets: 1)Mind benders brain teasers & puzzle conundrums (Rs 160), 2) magic for children (Rs 120), 3) World famous unsolved mysteries ( Rs 120), 4) greatest UFO case files (Rs100), 5) 501 astonishing facts (Rs135).

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