Habit Of Winning: Stories to Inspire, Motivate and Unleash the Winner Within


Prakash Iyer



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Publication Year 2013


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Motivation, positive attitudes and self beliefs together mold the success of individuals. Prakash Iyer's Habit of Winning does not show the path to success, instead it shows one how to travel in the path towards success. For this purpose, he has used the life stories of many achievers in diverse fields as evidence. Not only has he mentioned famous figures, but he has also cited examples of ordinary people. Success cannot be confined to a single aspect; it has many dimensions. This is the concept he delivers in each one of his stories. He has also written about goal planning, which is a crucial element for success. The Habit of Winning has made use of many interesting anecdotes throughout.

Prakash Iyer has also included incidents from his personal and professional lives. Perception is an important factor which influences our attitude; he has illustrated this point in different ways. He also emphasizes the fact that strong determination and guts, along with a positive attitude can help everyone accomplish their goals in life. Using Rohit Sharma as an example, he has shown how a person can overcome mental barriers that inhibit our success.

The various examples he has mentioned include cricketers such as Suresh Raina, Robin Uttapha, Navjot Singh Sidhu and Anil Kumble. in addition, he has also talked about what we can learn from the nature of animals such as cows and dogs. He has used the analogy of a caterpillar's struggle to break out of the cocoon and emerge as a butterfly. The first edition has been printed on 16 February 2011 and is available as a paperback

Key Features

  • His reference to famous individuals and how they fought the battles of their life is highly inspirational.

  • The Habit of Winning explains the key to success with proven examples from various people's lives who have achieved their goals with persistent motivation

Prakash Iyer

Prakash Iyer has carved his position in motivational writing by delivering a hit with his first book itself. In a corporate career spanning twenty-five years, Prakash Iyer has worked with teams selling everything from soaps and colas, to watches, yellow pages and diapers. He is currently the managing director of Kimberly Clark Lever. Passionate about people and cricket Prakash is an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and also a trained executive and business coach.