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Ivar Utial


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Publication Year 2019


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Let us find out how much you still remember of your high school text books from Science, History, Geography, literature and Environment. Reflecting on infinite facets of India and the world, This definitive volume Packs in more than 1000 questions in six chapters, testing the answering skills of any quiz-lover. Each section contains more than 200 questions on a range of subjects from ancient, medieval and modern world's (India in particular) history & Geography to science & medicine, and social activities, Indian diaspora, Hindi and regional films, sport & games, travel, the great epics to environmental issues.

Special attention has been paid to questions on invention & discoveries, milestones in medicine, important dates in Indian history, battles & Wars in India, geographical discoveries, geographical names, famous sites in India, ancient and medieval wonders of the world, important towns situated on rivers in India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Asia, Africa, Europe, America etc, assorted literary trivia, popular authors & their books, environmental issues, important sanctuaries & National parks.

Then comes the answer to the questions raised earlier.

Put your general Knowledge to the ultimate test with this valuable volume for scientific facts & figures, inventions, medical innovations, geographical memorabilia, memorable events, history of yesterday & today, impressionable literature, environmental Awareness & concerns, ever-changing political activities, and much more.

Ivar Utial

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