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Publication Year 2021


ISBN-10 8182967228

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Edition 20th
Number of Pages 792 Pages
Language (English)
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Some Novel Features: Judicious selection of topics Coverage of a wide variety of topics Synopsis i.e. gidt of the entire essay given in a few lines Logical development of the theme A plethora of facts and figures to add power and punch to essays Objective and unbiased presentation Aid to Vocabulary-meanings given of all difficult words so that the reader has not to repeatedly refer to the dictionary or go to the Google. Points to Remember-should prove very handy for rapid revision. Guided Composition: An obsolutely new section has been incorporated. It has 20 topics. The gist of the topic has been provided in approximately 150 words. They have to be developed into full-fledged essays in 800-1000 words. It should be a great learning experience. Latest Material on G.K. and Current Topics-This section is aimed at helping the reader refresh his knowledge of basic facts and inform him of the latest development in all fields, to facilitate him to make use of the same in writing of Essays and to enable him to write essays an hundreds of additional topics. Quotable Quotes-These quotations, if used judiciously, add lustre, charm and credibility to Essays.


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