Legacy: Gangsters, Corruption and the London Olympics


Michael Gillard


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Bloomsbury Publishing India Pvt. Ltd.

Publication Year 2021


ISBN-10 1448217431

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When billions poured into the neglected east London borough hosting the 2012 Olympics, a turf war broke out between crime families for control of a now valuable strip of land.

Using violence, guile and corruption, one gangster, the Long Fella, emerged as a true untouchable. A team of local detectives made it their business to take him on until Scotland Yard threw them under the bus and the business of putting on 'the greatest show on earth' won the day.

Award-winning journalist Michael Gillard took up where they left off to expose the tangled web of chief executives, big banks, politicians and dirty money where innocent lives are destroyed and the guilty flourish. Gillard's efforts culminated in a landmark court case, which finally put a spotlight on the Long Fella and his friends and exposed London's real Olympic legacy.

Michael Gillard

Michael Gillard is an award-winning journalist formerly of The Sunday Times and the Guardian. He now writes across international publications and turns crime into scripts. A two times winner of Investigation of The Year in the British press awards, in 2013 Gillard was voted Journalist of the Year for his investigation of organised crime and the London 2012 Olympics. He is the author of Untouchables: Dirty Cops, Bent Justice and Racism in Scotland Yard and For Queen and Currency, Audacious Fraud, Greed and Gambling at Buckingham Palace.