Out Of Syllabus: Career Success Tips That No One Taught You


V. Rajesh


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V & S Publisher

Publication Year 2012


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It is easy to skip a question during an exam if it is “out of syllabus” but what do you do if you are faced with a situation in life for which you were not given any inputs? Can you run away from the situation using the “out of syllabus” excuse? Career is one area where one is expected to know and manage situations. After all a person is paid a salary to be able to handle things and deliver results. The reality is that most people get a lot of academic and conceptual inputs relating to one’s career choice but very little practical inputs on how to effective use the academic learning. “Out of syllabus” outlines the various such gaps in your learning with regard to career success and also gives specific and precise inputs that can be actioned with ease. The book defines the career of a person in phases and details the crucial elements that need to go into each of these phases. The end result is a holistic, balanced orientation which would help the individual work towards success in their careers. And more importantly, these inputs can also enable personal effectiveness and success. 

V. Rajesh

V Rajesh is a Retail SME. Trainer, Consultant and Author. His previous book was India’s first experiential book on India Retail and has been widely read. Rajesh has more than two decades of hands on experience in the corporate world and has worked in a variety of organisations spanning Indian start ups, Large Indian Corporates to Multi National organisations. Rajesh can be contacted for Career planning workshops, Training Programs and more inputs about “Out of Syllabus” through his site.