Outline of Plant Physiology


Robert M. Devlin


Medtech Publishers

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Medtech Publishers

Publication Year 2020


ISBN-10 938599882X

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The present state-of – art is a specialized work in the field of the plant physiology. Plant physiology is a broad domain that helps us to understand the functions and behaviors of plant. It encompasses many aspects of plant life including growth, movement, physiology and nutrition. This book is a comprehensive content that covers the wider aspects of plant physiology required by both scholars and researchers to build an in-depth understanding of elementary concepts and theories developed over the years in this field. The treatment is throughout scholarly and clear, and the extensive bibliography which gives each chapter ample opportunity of reading.

Salient Features

·         The book is intended to serve wide readers including life sciences, botany, biotechnology scholars, researchers, and academician.

·         The recent edition provides great focus on the updated information till the date of publication

·         The content is provided with numerous tables, flow Charts, line diagrams and colored photographs or illustrations to enhance the learning of complex mechanisms.

·         Written in lucid and easy – to – easy grasp language highlighting the important aspect of plant physiology.

·         Brevity, conciseness, readable format and easy accessibility of key information will facilitate readers and memorization.

·         This edition of plant physiology includes the exercise manual for the self- evaluation of the important concepts.


Robert M. Devlin

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