Sacred Fire


Jagdish Prasad Singh


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Publication Year 2019


ISBN-10 978938619192

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A healthy politics can ensure peace and growth of a country but what happens when politics become dirty? A honest politician can make his country proud and satisfied but imagine a situation where he becomes selfish perusing his own interests? Come and get a ride through this story of the country called Sudesh, whose Prime Minister is Weepee Gunde. And find out if Sushil Pande would succeed in saving his country from immoral politics...

Jagdish Prasad Singh

Jagdish Prasad Singh is not a new name in literary world. He is a well known Indian writer who has 8 novels in English, 200 short stories and 12 novels & 16 plays in Hindi to his credit. Government of India honoured him with the Padma Shri in 2013. Some of his books are Godhuli, Visangati, Ganga Snan, The White Horse, and The Insider.