The Gita for a Global World:Ethical Action in an Age of Flux


Rohit Chopra


Westland Publications

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Westland Publications

Publication Year 2021


ISBN-10 9390679109


Number of Pages 248 Pages
Language (English)
The Bhagavad Gita needs no introduction. The universe to which it refers, on the other hand, feels like it could well do with one. Marked by flux, our increasingly incomprehensible global world presents considerable ethical, political and social challenges. Could the Gita, for all its philosophical abstraction, serve as an introduction to navigating this space of capitalist modernity? What can it tell us about global warming and violence, inequality and suffering, pandemics and the savage oppression of vulnerable groups? Rohit Chopra’s masterful examination of the Gita interrogates the relevance of its ideas to these questions and to the present moment. This book is a timely meditation for a period characterised by crisis while also speaking to a time beyond. It uses the Gita as a lens through which to look at pressing questions of war, difference and uncertainty. Combining philosophical discussion, meticulous research and sharp political insight, The Gita for a Global World does what that ancient text has done for years—illuminate and provoke while asking each of us to choose how we will act to meet the challenges of the present and future.

Rohit Chopra

Rohit Chopra is Associate Professor of Communication at Santa Clara University. His research centres on global media and identity, digital media, and the relationship between media, memory and violence. He is the author of The Virtual Hindu Rashtra: Saffron Nationalism and New Media(HarperCollins, 2019) and Technology and Nationalism in India: Cultural Negotiations from Colonialism to Cyberspace(Cambria, 2008), and co-editor of Global Media, Culture, and Identity: Theory, Cases, and Approaches(Routledge, 2011). Rohit also writes extensively in a journalistic capacity on media, politics and culture in global contexts. An expert on the role of social media in fomenting sectarian violence, he works with non-profits, think tanks, and technology and media firms on developing strategies to combat the negative effects of social media. Rohit is also the co-founder and co-host of the India Explained podcast, a biweekly conversation on matters related to India (