The Last Disciple of Nalanda


Suresh Nair


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Publication Year 2015


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He was a nomad of the Oirat tribe that have been roaming the vast Russian Mongol steppes for centuries. He listens to his heart's tug and travels through the famed silk route. Several thousand miles journey and several seasons later he reaches Nalanda. He battled for ten years - the battles that the flesh wages with the spirit, that subjugation wages with domination, that belief wages with faith. Bodily wounded, mentally scarred and his soul trampled, the brave heart finally arrives.

Suresh Nair

Suresh Nair is the pen name of Colonel S K Suresh Retd.. Post his military service, he has taken to writing. His interests in the inside of the human include thoughts and their passage, the evolving human and the harmony within of individuals and society.
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