The Next Stop: Natural Gas and India's Journey to a Clean Energy Future


Vikram Singh Mehta


Harper Collins India

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Harper Collins India

Publication Year 2021


ISBN-10 9390327431


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Historically in India, gas has not enjoyed the same strategic significance that oil has. That picture is gradually changing. Natural gas is set to play a key role, with ambitious plans to increase its share in the energy mix from 6.5 per cent to 15 percent. Increasing natural gas usage can also help India overcome several challenges such as meeting its development objectives, fulfilling mitigation efforts on the climate change front, providing energy security while reducing fiscal imbalance, and so on. Needless to say, it will also have a significant bearing on India's geopolitics. Edited by Vikram Singh Mehta, an authority in the energy domain, and with essays by a number of global experts, this anthology lays out a comprehensive roadmapfor India's natural gas sector by analysing supply, demand, infrastructure, pricing, regulations, finance, technology, policy and a host of other issues.

Vikram Singh Mehta

Vikram Singh Mehta is the chairman of the Centre for Social and Economic Progress in New Delhi. He started his career with the IAS and later worked with a number of energy companies, serving as chairman, of the Shell Group of Companies in India from 1994 to 2012