Three Rivers of Tears


Lopa Mukherjee


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Publication Year 2012


ISBN-10 9382536000

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The story begins in 1970s Calcutta, where a young lady, Binapani, is sucked into a revolution. Through idealism and tragedy, her story and those of others unfold, stretching across the wide canvas of the South Asian subcontinent. Binapani’s dream moves through many lives and finally finds realization.


At the background is the story of the birth of the three nations that splintered out of colonial India. The lives of the characters move within the landmark events of post-independence India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, but their sources are traced back in time through history and oral narrative and brought forward to the present. The characters represent aspects of the diverse cultures of the subcontinent and the novel is richly flavoured with parables from folklore, revelations from sacred texts, legends and mythologies.
• Will Binapani’s fire die with her?
• Will it kindle other lives?
• What will it take to rebuild fractured homes?
• Will it be a play of circumstances?
• The united action of many people?
• Or a single person chosen by destiny?
• Is it just a thundering cloud or will it also rain?
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Lopa Mukherjee

Lopa Mukherjee is a writer of fiction, essays, poems, plays. She has written a novel, Three Rivers of Tears, a historical fiction set in post-colonial India. She is a culture worker doing presentations on Indian culture and makes documentaries on related subjects. She lives in Silicon Valley, California.
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