Using Google Earth : Bring the World into Your Classroom Levels 6-8


JoBea Holt


Shell Education

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Shell Education

Publication Year 2020


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Jumpstart your students' global adventure that starts in their own neighborhoods. Using Google Earth: Bring the World into Your Classroom is an easy-to-implement, easy-to-facilitate teacher resource that helps integrate technology into socials studies, science, mathematics, and English language arts in a creative way. Students in grades 6 8 will create their own .kmz folders and fill them with locations that connect their own lives and to important locations and events around the world in order to build cross-curricular connections. Supporting core concepts of STEM instruction, this resource provides differentiated lessons for various learning styles, leveled activities, suggestions for flexible groupings, and is correlated to College and Career Readiness standards.

JoBea Holt

JoBea Holt, Ph.D, is a scientist and author. As a scientist, she has worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory focusing on NASA's Space Shuttle Earth observing missions. In 1995, Dr. Holt created KidSat, a Shuttle-based Earth-imaging camera that used NASA's communications and the Internet to allow students in their classrooms to operate the camera during a mission. As an author, she has written numerous books, magazine and journal articles, and papers.
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