Water: A Miracle Therapy


A.R. Hari


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Publication Year 2012


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The more science has advanced the further away have we moved from Mother Nature. Thanks to our artificial existence, even to quench a natural urge like thirst, we imbibe synthetic substances such as colas and caffeine-loaded drinks. 

Having starved our body of nature`s most precious liquid, water, we are beset with multiple ailments like headaches, arthritis, asthma, urinary problems, General debility, blood pressure and the like. Missing the root cause of the problem, we rush to doctors - only to have antibiotics pumped into us that offer short-term “relief” while turning into long-term nightmares. 

This book shows how drinking just 12 to 14 glasses of water per day (for the average person) cures many ailments, including chronic ones. Incredibly, by just carefully following the Water Protocol in the book, you may feel the difference within 48 hours! Just like a water-starved house plant that springs to attention within minutes of being watered.

A.R. Hari

A.R. Hari is an engineer by profession and has studied colour therapy for over a decade extensively. He has successfully projected the methodologies of colour therapy in a scientific manner in this book. According to the author, colour therapy is a science dealing with various energy fields inside the body. Besides this, he has written many books on alternative systems of cure. His latest book, Water — A Miracle Therapy, has highly acclaimed.
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